A Classic Retold

Riddle of Hearts

Riddle of Hearts: An Alice in Wonderland Retelling by Rosie Grymm (A Classic Retold book 9) “We’re all a little mad here…” Madness is taking over the court and somehow Alice is at the center of it. Too bad she can’t remember a thing. With the king without a heart and the queen on the […]

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Kill the Dawn

Kill the Dawn: A Hamlet Retelling by Emily Hayse (A Classic Retold book 8) A meeting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and How to Train Your Dragon, Kill the Dawn is a beautiful tale of loss, betrayal, and overcoming all odds. After the death of his father, Hakkr assumes the mantle of king long before he expected

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Chase the Legend

Chase the Legend: A Moby Dick Retelling by Hannah Kaye (A Classic Retold book 7) Ilsa Starling has a good reason for walking away from her old life, but it’s not a reason she plans on sharing with anyone. To leave it all behind her, she travels to the farthest place she can, Map’s Edge,

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Summon the Light

Summon the Light: A Retelling of The Tempest by Tor Thibeaux (A Classic Retold book 6) Somehow Nick survived the battle on Prospero’s island. Two years on, and he’s trying to build a life on the mainland while still mourning the loss of Prospero and his daughter Miranda. He returns frequently to the island to

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Raise the Dead

Raise the Dead: A Jane Eyre Retelling by Nina Clare (A Classic Retold book 5) Life is just about perfect for Jane Eyre, now Rochester. She’s happily settling into married life, until a young woman faints on her doorstep. Suddenly the past refuses to stay buried, and Jane must venture into both heaven and hell

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Unearth the Tides

Unearth the Tides: A 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Retelling by Alissa J. Zavalianos (A Classic Retold book 4) Huxley Gannon has dedicated his life to protecting the royal family, but when he’s accused of treason, he has one option: face the Wasteful Tides and hope for an escape. But he and his friend are

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Steal the Morrow

Steal the Morrow: An Oliver Twist Retelling by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt (Autumn Fairy Tales book 3) Melar is a city of promise and hope and healing. But for young Olifur, he’ll never know the truth of it after bandits attack their carriage, killing his father and ill mother. He’s rescued by a gruff woodsman and

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Crack the Stone

Crack the Stone: A Les Misérables Retelling by Emily Golus (A Classic Retold book 2) Valshara is Prisoner One-Eight-Six-Two, a convict of the Pits in the goblin realm, deep underground. A daring escape leads her Topside, to the world of humans, a place of light, color, and smells she’s never experienced before. But the Faceless

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Break the Beast

Break the Beast: A Beowulf Retelling by Allison Tebo (A Classic Retold book 1) Grendel is a beast, a monster who terrorizes the land. Driven by a hellish master, she takes vengeance on those who rejected her. When the golden beast-slayer Beowulf arrives on her shores, the ages-long battle between good and evil is brought

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