Kill the Dawn

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Kill the Dawn: A Hamlet Retelling by Emily Hayse (A Classic Retold book 8)

A meeting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and How to Train Your Dragon, Kill the Dawn is a beautiful tale of loss, betrayal, and overcoming all odds.

After the death of his father, Hakkr assumes the mantle of king long before he expected to. But while he’s still mourning his father, turmoil rumbles through the village. The newest prisoner shares disturbing news, and when Hakkr joins a dragon hunt, he discovers the truth behind what he’s been told.

Will Hakkr find the truth behind his father’s death? And will he be able to stand up to evil that’s permeating the village?

This was a great retelling of Hamlet, in a world of Vikings and dragons. The descriptions were so immersive.

The themes of truth and uprightness of character are beautifully interwoven throughout. But they are marred by the usage of slaves and how they were portrayed. I know it’s historically accurate, but there were aspects that were unnecessary to the story and just left me with an unpleasant aftertaste.

Four roses
No swearing
A few kisses
Several injuries from battles. Not glorified, but blood is present.