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A place to share snippets of my writing as well as fairy tale thoughts and ideas.

Book Recommendations

Autumn Releases

As the halcyon days of Summer give way to Autumn, the crisp air is filled with scents that bring us comfort and bid us curl up with a book.

And this list of fall releases will give you all the excuses you need to curl up with a hot drink, cozy blankets, and your favorite candle.

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a woman in white and red floral dress holding red apple fruit
More Than Just a Crown

Snow White

Thanks to Walt Disney’s first feature length animation movie in 1937, “Snow White” has become one of the most beloved of fairy tales. It was

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Author Interview

Author Interview: Camille Peters

Camille Peters led the multi-author collaboration, A Villain’s Ever After, and is the author of the long-running Kingdom Chronicles, and other fantasy novels. Tell us

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Author Interview

Author Interview: J.M. Stengl

J. M. Stengl writes stories full of hope and light. When she’s not writing, she’s wrangling cats and grandchildren, perfecting pastry, and working with model

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