Steal the Morrow

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Steal the Morrow: An Oliver Twist Retelling by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt (Autumn Fairy Tales book 3)

Melar is a city of promise and hope and healing. But for young Olifur, he’ll never know the truth of it after bandits attack their carriage, killing his father and ill mother. He’s rescued by a gruff woodsman and raised in the Glen with the other boys, learning to care for himself and the world around him.

When his mentor falls ill, Olifur turns again to the hope of Melar. But the city isn’t the land of promise he’d imagined, and Olifur must learn harsh lessons amid the temptations of the big, new world.

This was such a sweet story! Confession: I read Oliver Twist several years ago, and my overall memory of it was “depressing.” I was worried that this retelling would have a similar tone, but it didn’t. It was a delightful story of a boy finding a new family, growing up, facing adventures and trials. It’s also a story of faith and hope.

A great story, and one I think boys who love adventure stories will enjoy.

5 Roses
No romantic elements. No swearing. There are a few on the page deaths, but not glorified in any way, as well as some discussion of mistreatment.

(Thank you to the author for the ARC of this book. This is my honest review.)