Unearth the Tides

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Unearth the Tides: A 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Retelling by Alissa J. Zavalianos (A Classic Retold book 4)

Huxley Gannon has dedicated his life to protecting the royal family, but when he’s accused of treason, he has one option: face the Wasteful Tides and hope for an escape.

But he and his friend are capsized and find themselves aboard a strange vessel, with an oddly familiar captain, and a motley assortment of crew. 

As Huxley recovers from his injuries, he must learn to accept his prison, while also battling his feelings for the lovely Miss Reid. But not all is as it seems, and he might have one chance to uncover the truth and make things right.

“We all have our own stories to live and tell, do we not?”

Everyone onboard has their own story for how they got there, and Zavalionos weaves them together into a beautiful harmony. Unearth the Tides is a lovely retelling of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and is full of hope and light. 

Faith and Salvation are strong themes throughout the story, and it’s so encouraging to see when Huxley turns from his anger and accepts mercy.

I did struggle a little bit with the timelines in the book; some were a bit confusing to keep straight. This led me to not really believing some of the relationships in the story, especially that between Huxley and Miss Reid.

4 Roses
A few injuries, but not dwelt on
No kissing
No swearing