Summon the Light

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Summon the Light: A Retelling of The Tempest by Tor Thibeaux (A Classic Retold book 6)

Somehow Nick survived the battle on Prospero’s island. Two years on, and he’s trying to build a life on the mainland while still mourning the loss of Prospero and his daughter Miranda. He returns frequently to the island to watch over the unconscious Ariel, his best friend. 

A magical force compels him to start repairing the damaged chapel on the island, so against all doubts and despair, he sets out to do so.

But the evil Ulric knows what rebuilding the chapel means and will do anything to stop Nick from succeeding.

“Because you love the light.”

As I was reading Summon the Light, I couldn’t help thinking of the verses in John 3 that speak of loving darkness and of truth being in the light. This story focuses on the light, and the power that comes from all that is good. There’s a lot of symbolism in this story, and it was lovely to read.

There are moral dilemmas, deep friendships, and a touch of romance in this story, and they’re all woven together beautifully. Thibeaux has done an excellent job of continuing the story of The Tempest.

5 Roses
A couple of kisses at the end.
No swearing.
A few injuries and battles, but not descriptive at all.

(Thank you to the author for the ARC of this book. This is my honest review.)