Crack the Stone

Crack the Stone: A Les Misérables Retelling by Emily Golus (A Classic Retold book 2) Valshara is Prisoner One-Eight-Six-Two, a convict of the Pits in the goblin realm, deep underground. A daring escape leads her Topside, to the world of humans, a place of light, color, and smells she’s never experienced before. But the Faceless …

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Autumn Releases

As the halcyon days of Summer give way to Autumn, the crisp air is filled with scents that bring us comfort and bid us curl up with a book.

And this list of fall releases will give you all the excuses you need to curl up with a hot drink, cozy blankets, and your favorite candle.

Break the Beast

Break the Beast: A Beowulf Retelling by Allison Tebo (A Classic Retold book 1) Grendel is a beast, a monster who terrorizes the land. Driven by a hellish master, she takes vengeance on those who rejected her. When the golden beast-slayer Beowulf arrives on her shores, the ages-long battle between good and evil is brought …

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The Prince’s Mage

The Prince’s Mage by Celeste Baxendell (Runes of Pain and Peace Book 2) Marcella is still a prisoner in the place she fears the most. Her orders have changed: bring a prince back to the clan, and peace might be accomplished. But the prince who wants peace and would be willing to go with her …

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a woman in white and red floral dress holding red apple fruit

Snow White

Thanks to Walt Disney’s first feature length animation movie in 1937, “Snow White” has become one of the most beloved of fairy tales. It was first published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812, and is one of the few fairy tales that looks beyond the romantic elements to the friendships that are a core part …

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