Grimkeeper: A Beauty and the Beast retelling by Everly Haywood (Between Shade and Flame Book 2) Dagmar Fray turns up on Peregrin Blodrhys’s doorstep like a lost kitten after being rejected by her betrothed. She’s intent on finding her missing sister, but the secrets in the manor are too compelling to ignore. What is the […]

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Peaceweaver: A Hades and Persephone retelling by Everly Haywood (Between Shade and Flame Book 1) As an indentured healer to the human kingdom, Persis has no choice but to follow the princess to the land of the dark elves. Her job is to heal the sickly elf prince. Her orders are to kill him.  Haryk

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To Capture a Beauty

To Capture a Beauty: A Snow Queen Retelling by Kimberly Pearl (Shattered Tales book 12) The pursuit of beauty can lead to ruin. Lydia delights in finding beauty in the world that she can draw: the forest at sunset, the healing herbs, the curly hair of a new friend… But she knows she’s not the

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The Awakened Prince

The Awakened Prince: A Sleeping Beauty Retelling by Alora Carter (Once Upon a Prince book 11) A failure of a prince. A guardian maiden. A long-ago contract destined to keep them apart. No matter how hard he tries, Killian can do nothing right in the eyes of his widowed father. In an attempt to escape

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Riddle of Hearts

Riddle of Hearts: An Alice in Wonderland Retelling by Rosie Grymm (A Classic Retold book 9) “We’re all a little mad here…” Madness is taking over the court and somehow Alice is at the center of it. Too bad she can’t remember a thing. With the king without a heart and the queen on the

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To Destroy an Illusion

To Destroy an Illusion: A Glass Mountain Retelling by Kendra E. Ardnek (Shattered Tales book 11) Isobel lives in a glass castle where her every need is met automatically. But she can’t remember why she’s there… or who the strange man in her reflection is. She just knows she’s been used as a pawn for

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The Crownless Prince

The Crownless Prince: A Maid Maleen Retelling by Selina R. Gonzalez (Once Upon a Prince book 10) Prince Marcus wanted two things: to avoid war between the three regions and to marry Princess Adriana. His father agreed with neither of those things, so threw Marcus and his friend/servant/bodyguard into a dark tower. Four years later,

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