“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island.”

– Walt Disney

A is for Apple

Read my story, A Fruitful Heist, in this collection of Snow White retellings, the first Tales from the Treehouse anthology.

Snow White - Fair or Foul?

What if Snow White wasn’t a princess? What if her step-mother wasn’t evil? What if the conflict wasn’t propelled by magic, but by popularity?
Explore these questions and more in this collection of six Snow White retellings.

An elven sorceress faces an impossible choice between saving one life or many in Julian Barr’s Kingdom of the Mirror.

A young beauty influencer finally reveals all regarding the machinations of her step mother in Mark Hood’s Skin Deep.

A mysterious message prompts a young woman to cross the line of right and wrong in Robyn Sarty’s The Fruitful Heist

Read these and more in this collection!

B is for Beauty

Read my story, A Thorny Truth, in this collection of Beauty and the Beast retellings, the second Tales from the Treehouse anthology.

Find the truth of the beauty within.

It’s a tale as old as time — a beast locked away because of a terrible curse. A young innocent who can right the wrongs with integrity and love.

A young woman exchanges her hand in marriage for the financial freedom of her family in Bethany Swafford’s To Save her Family.

S. M. MacDougall’s Breagha and the Beast tells the tale of a feisty young woman who stumbles upon a cursed ghost town and unearths the truth that sets its prisoner free.

In Robyn Sarty’s A Thorny Truth, a young woman must face her fears and steal from the beast if she’s to save her father.

Discover new twists on this classic tale in this collection of ten short stories. 

C is for Curse

Read my story, Once Upon a Swan, in this collection of Swan Lake retellings, the third Tales from the Treehouse anthology.

Only love can reveal the truth.

Evil curses, promises – broken or kept, and mistaken identities. Six stories that explore how love can find the truth within.

After losing out on love to his best friend a young composer risks a new relationship and gets involved with a witch with an agenda, in Jac Harmon’s Swan Song.

Olivia’s superhero alter ego has always felt like a burden, but with a mysterious stranger threatening her city, it might be the only thing she has to save the ones she loves, in Nicole A. Schroeder’s The Curse of the Conjurer.

In Robyn Sarty’s Once Upon a Swan, a young prince must declare his new betrothed. But can he set aside his longing for his lost childhood sweetheart?

These tales from the Treehouse will leave you spell-bound and wanting more!