The Snow Queen

To Capture a Beauty

To Capture a Beauty: A Snow Queen Retelling by Kimberly Pearl (Shattered Tales book 12) The pursuit of beauty can lead to ruin. Lydia delights in finding beauty in the world that she can draw: the forest at sunset, the healing herbs, the curly hair of a new friend… But she knows she’s not the […]

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Mirrors of Ice

Mirrors of Ice: A Snow White and Snow Queen Retelling by Celeste Baxendell (Bewitching Fairy Tales book 2) Princess Eirwen is about to die. She knows the huntsman her aunt, Queen Isolde, has hired isn’t there for her protection. He’s there to kill her. Eirwen manages to escape the assassination attempt, but she’s not about

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Sacrifice: A Snow Queen Retelling by K. M. Shea (The Snow Queen Book 2) Once feared and despised for her magic, Princess Rakel is now hailed as a hero as she uses her snow powers to lead the resistance against the invading Chosen Army. But will being revered as the Snow Queen be enough for

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Heart of Ice

Heart of Ice: A Snow Queen Retelling by K. M. Shea (The Snow Queen Book 1) Princess Rakel has lived her entire life in isolation, ever since her magical ice and snow powers were first discovered when she was a young child. Locked away in her ice castle on a distant mountain, she has no

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