To Capture a Beauty

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To Capture a Beauty: A Snow Queen Retelling by Kimberly Pearl (Shattered Tales book 12)

The pursuit of beauty can lead to ruin.

Lydia delights in finding beauty in the world that she can draw: the forest at sunset, the healing herbs, the curly hair of a new friend…

But she knows she’s not the beauty of the family. That honor belongs to her sister, and Lydia is terrified that the man she’s growing to love will fall for her sister’s good looks. A magical mirror calls to Lydia, promising perfect beauty.

Will Lydia succumb to the call of that which she’s always longed for? Or will she discover true beauty within the people she loves?

“I wanted to be there, his soft place to land, for all the times he needed to fall.”

Okay, I can’t with these two! Lydia and Rune were just sooo adorable together! I loved how they grew closer just doing the things they enjoyed.

Also, this book wins the prize for “Kiss that got interrupted before it became a kiss that definitely needed to be interrupted, but HOW DARE it be interrupted!”  There’s just enough angst to keep readers flailing without making you want to bonk the characters on the head for being silly. 

Pearl has created a delightful world, and the descriptions were so good. The dynamics between all the side characters brought the story to life. 

5 Roses
A couple missed kisses, one real kiss
A couple minor injuries
No swears

(Thank you to the author for the ARC of this book. This is my honest review.)