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Sacrifice: A Snow Queen Retelling by K. M. Shea (The Snow Queen Book 2)

Once feared and despised for her magic, Princess Rakel is now hailed as a hero as she uses her snow powers to lead the resistance against the invading Chosen Army. But will being revered as the Snow Queen be enough for her to recognize the differences between her and the hated Chosen leader, Tenebris Malus?

A showdown is inevitable, but Malus’s powers are cruel, and he doesn’t care who gets in the way. As the war continues, Rakel discovers a far darker reason that Malus wants Verglas. A reason she must do everything in her power to protect. 

Rakel must also face her growing fear that she is too much like Malus. And the handsome Colonel Farrin Graydim must choose between his loyalty to Malus and his growing love to Rakel before it’s too late.

As Malus’s power and hunger grows, Rakel has one final choice to make. And this time, she’s the one to turn to isolation to make it.

This was a thrilling sequel to Heart of Ice as we see Rakel grow in her power as she learns to trust those around her. I loved seeing each of the characters grow and develop. And we finally get to see Rakel fall in love. All my concerns with the first book are still present, but at least it’s consistent.

I struggled with understanding one of Rakel’s inner conflicts. We’re told over and over how much she and Malus are alike, but there was zero evidence to support this. Maybe that’s the point, but it left me wanting to shake Rakel.

I do think the book could have ended around the 75% mark. There’s a beautiful, poignant conclusion that would have elevated the book. But it wouldn’t have been a “happily ever after,” and I think the rest of the story is important for the interconnected series.

???? 4 Roses
? One use of “darn” and made up curses
? Minor kissing
⚔️⚔️ Mild blood during fight scenes, but nothing intense