Mirrors of Ice

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Mirrors of Ice: A Snow White and Snow Queen Retelling by Celeste Baxendell (Bewitching Fairy Tales book 2)

Princess Eirwen is about to die. She knows the huntsman her aunt, Queen Isolde, has hired isn’t there for her protection. He’s there to kill her. Eirwen manages to escape the assassination attempt, but she’s not about to hide away and let her aunt steal her kingdom.

Sterling is the youngest of seven. The mistake. The screw up. Other names his siblings have no compunction in calling him. But as much as he finds the world boring, ugly, and often loathsome, he notices things others miss. Like the odd behavior of the visiting royals from Glaciar. Or the fact the new performer in town, Snow White, is really the missing princess.

As Eirwan’s aunt continues to hunt her, she and Sterling set off on a quest to better understand the magic that surrounds them. But the more they dig, the more they discover how powerful that magic is – and how closely linked they are.

There was still worth in broken things.

A beautifully written story about a found family. Eirwen’s struggle about being strong enough to rule and make the right decisions was a core motivator throughout the story. 

I loved the subtle nuances to Sterling’s point of view that reflected his own internal battles. I did find the explanation for how he became like that a little weak. The punishment didn’t fit the crime, as they say.

The final battle was glorious, and I loved the nod to “love will thaw a frozen heart.”

Five roses
No swearing
Some kissing
No blood