More Than Just a Crown: The Snow Queen and Loyalty

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“The Snow Queen” is a beautiful tale of a young girl and her quest to find her missing friend. Written in 1844 by Hans Christian Andersen, it’s a story of friendship and trust, but most of all loyalty.

In the story, the main character, Gerda, embarks on a journey to rescue her best friend, Kai, who has been taken by the Snow Queen. Along the way, Gerda encounters a variety of people who help her, including a reindeer, a robber girl, and a prince and princess.

Throughout the story, Gerda shows unwavering loyalty to Kai. She is willing to endure any hardship and brave any danger in order to save her friend. This loyalty is ultimately what helps her to triumph over the Snow Queen and reunite with Kai.

John 15:13 states “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Gerda’s loyalty to Kay is so strong that she is willing to risk her own life in order to save him. This selfless act of love is reminiscent of the love that Jesus demonstrated when He willingly gave His life for humanity.

The passage from John also highlights the depth of the bond between Gerda and Kai. They are not just acquaintances or casual friends, but rather they are deeply connected and willing to make sacrifices for one another. This type of loyalty, rooted in love and selflessness, is a testament to the strong and enduring relationships that can be formed when we are loyal to those we care about.

The other characters in the story also demonstrate loyalty. The reindeer, despite being mistreated by humans, remains loyal to Gerda and helps her on her journey. The robber girl, who has been abandoned by her own family, shows loyalty to Gerda and becomes her ally. The prince and princess, who have their own kingdom to attend to, still make time to help Gerda in her quest, demonstrating their loyalty to her and to the cause of rescuing Kai.

The theme of loyalty is further emphasized by the contrast between the characters who exhibit it and those who do not. The Snow Queen, for example, is portrayed as a selfish and disloyal character, who is only interested in her own pleasure and power. In the end, the Snow Queen loses, while the characters who demonstrated loyalty are rewarded with happiness and success.

Loyalty plays a central role in “The Snow Queen,” as it is the driving force behind Gerda’s journey and the relationships between the various characters. It is powerful and can bring people together and help them to overcome even the most difficult challenges.