Emily Deady

Sky of Wind

Sky of Wind: An East of the Sun West of the Moon Retelling by Emily Deady (Fairy Tale Royals book 4) Princess Meena’s father and brothers have finally accepted the truth about the Majis, but they’re still protecting her. A fake marriage is the only way to get close to the chaos magic that’s been

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Pearl of Magic

Pearl of Magic: A Little Mermaid Retelling by Emily Deady (Fairy Tale Royals book 3) Prince Erich has been tasked with transporting the dangerous maji prisoner to the capital of the five kingdoms. Thankfully a powerful necklace has bound her voice or else she’d be able to curse him – or worse. Aizel has only

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Thorn of Rose

Thorn of Rose: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling by Emily Deady (Fairy Tale Royals book 2) I loved the first book in the series so much (Shard of Glass) that I dived straight into the next one, and I was thrilled to find it was a Beauty and the Beast retelling. Cursed by a

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Shard of Glass

Shard of Glass: A Cinderella Retelling by Emily Deady (Fairy Tale Royal book 1) With the family savings depleted and her stepmother crippled by grief, Ashlin selflessly takes a job at the royal palace. She forms an unlikely friendship with the prince. Meanwhile, wielders of a powerful magic threaten their small coastal kingdom, and Prince

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Lady or Maid

Lady or Maid: A Goose Girl Retelling by Emily Deady (A Fairy Tale Royal short story) Robin Lockwood is in mourning after the loss of her parents and the last thing she wants to do is move into the castle as the king’s ward. Fancy dresses, elaborate feasts, doting servants. She needs time to think,

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