Pearl of Magic

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Pearl of Magic: A Little Mermaid Retelling by Emily Deady (Fairy Tale Royals book 3)

Prince Erich has been tasked with transporting the dangerous maji prisoner to the capital of the five kingdoms. Thankfully a powerful necklace has bound her voice or else she’d be able to curse him – or worse.

Aizel has only ever known the life of a slave. Feared for their magic, her people had been exiled for 250 years. But the others have spread their lives far too long, and Aizel decided to escape. her copter seems like a reasonable guy – if only she could speak to tell him the truth.

With each book in this series, Deady ramps up the stakes. We’re starting to get a better picture of who the bad guys are, and it’s rather mind-blowing.

This is definitely an enemies-to lovers story. The relationship felt a little forced in places, but in the end I loved how adorable they were together. It was fun to watch them come to trust each other.

“I don’t need you to be perfect. I just need you to be by my side, standing next to me and fighting with me. Forever.”

This quote perfectly sums up their relationship and how they’ve moved past their prejudices to love each other.

Spoiler: I was slightly disappointed in the elopement as it didn’t feel true to Erich. He’s a dandy, so the big wedding would have fit better.

 4.5 roses 
zero swears 
one fox 
one sword