Lady or Maid

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Lady or Maid: A Goose Girl Retelling by Emily Deady (A Fairy Tale Royal short story)

Robin Lockwood is in mourning after the loss of her parents and the last thing she wants to do is move into the castle as the king’s ward. Fancy dresses, elaborate feasts, doting servants. She needs time to think, quiet in which to grieve.

When her lady’s maid offers to swap places for a few days, Robin quickly agrees. But she soon finds herself demoted to goose girl, spending her days outside the palace.

“I realized that I could do more good as the king’s ward than as the king’s goose girl.”

I loved all the little lessons in this story, and the cheeky nod to Haman in the Bible. It hints to a further story featuring Robin.

This short story takes place about ten years prior to the start of the main Fairy Tale Royals series and gives a delightful peek into the early lives of characters we come to love so much.

????? Five Roses.
No swearing
Just one very chaste kiss
There is sword fighting, but no one is injured.