Sky of Wind

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Sky of Wind: An East of the Sun West of the Moon Retelling by Emily Deady (Fairy Tale Royals book 4)

Princess Meena’s father and brothers have finally accepted the truth about the Majis, but they’re still protecting her. A fake marriage is the only way to get close to the chaos magic that’s been stored away.

Sol is a maji – a magic wielder feared by most of the people across the five kingdoms. His one goal is to stop the person intent on destroying everything. He never expected his spying career to involve a fake marriage to a princess though.

Meena is an absolute delight. I love how she doesn’t let things faze her even when she is afraid. The ongoing world-building just makes each book in the series better and better.

 I did struggle to believe the romance a bit. At times, Sol felt quite cold and aloof to Meena.

“You are stronger than sunshine.”

It wasn’t until this point in the story that I accepted Sol’s feelings for Meena – and he described her perfectly, proving that he truly did see her.

five roses
zero swears
one fox – shared room but not shared bed
one sword