Book Review

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Crack the Stone

Crack the Stone: A Les Misérables Retelling by Emily Golus (A Classic Retold book 2) Valshara is Prisoner One-Eight-Six-Two, a convict of the Pits in the goblin realm, deep underground. A daring escape leads her Topside, to the world of humans, a place of light, color, and smells she’s never experienced before. But the Faceless …

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Break the Beast

Break the Beast: A Beowulf Retelling by Allison Tebo (A Classic Retold book 1) Grendel is a beast, a monster who terrorizes the land. Driven by a hellish master, she takes vengeance on those who rejected her. When the golden beast-slayer Beowulf arrives on her shores, the ages-long battle between good and evil is brought …

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The Prince’s Mage

The Prince’s Mage by Celeste Baxendell (Runes of Pain and Peace Book 2) Marcella is still a prisoner in the place she fears the most. Her orders have changed: bring a prince back to the clan, and peace might be accomplished. But the prince who wants peace and would be willing to go with her …

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Filia and the Fall Festival

Filia and the Fall Festival: A Little Mermaid Retelling by Leialoha Humphreys (Autumn Fairy Tales book 1) Filia has a secret she can never tell, and a betrothal she can’t break. Dawson is ready for peace, but his political engagement stands in the way of his happiness. The Fall Festival in Alpenglow is a time …

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The Prince’s Captive

The Prince’s Captive by Celeste Baxendell (Runes of Pain and Peace Book 1) Marcella’s only value is that she looks like her cousin, the clan heir. When her cousin has a vision about being captured on her way to unite the clans, she sends Marcella in her place. But Marcella’s captor isn’t what she expected. …

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Fairest One

Fairest One: A Snow White Retelling by Kayla Eshbaugh (The Cursed Kingdom Chronicles book 3) Scarlet’s curse is beauty — everyone who looks at her falls in love with a falsely beautiful image of her. Ronin promised long ago that he would never fall in love with her beauty… but he never said he wouldn’t …

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