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Runemaster by Everly Haywood (Between Shade and Flame Book 3)
Inspired by Greek and Norse mythology

Anrid Fray is on her way to an arranged marriage when she is kidnapped while attempting to find a crying child in the woods. Trapped in the underground world of the goblins, she accidentally binds herself to their Bifrost magic. She’s desperate to escape, but a handsome goblin prince and a flock of orphaned goblin children won’t let her leave.

Jael Daemon is focused on finding out the source of the earthquakes threatening his kingdom and doesn’t have time for lost humans or unruly children. And especially not for his lazy brother. His attempts to bind himself to the Bifrost to stop the spreading instability go awry, and the arrival of a contingent of haughty fae only makes things worse.

Can Anrid and Jael find the thread that will save them all or will the shadows devour everything?

I loved Anrid so much. She’s such a kind, caring person, and the way she responds to the goblinborn orphans shows someone who is willing to open their heart to any in need. The goblinborn aren’t all children; they’re based on the author’s daughter who has Down Syndrome. I knew this going in, as I’d read the author’s explanations previously. The explanation for why “goblinborn” and “goblin” weren’t the same thing was a bit confusing for most of the story, however.

Jael was a great character too. But I did find the romance a bit rushed. 

4.5 Stars
Some in-world swears
A couple of swoony kisses
A couple minor injuries
Disability representation of Down Syndrome