Snow White

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"Queen, you are full fair, 'tis true, But Snow-white fairer is than you."

– The Brothers Grimm

“Snow White” was first published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812, and is one of the few fairy tales that looks beyond the romantic elements to the friendships that are a core part of the story.

Snow White Retellings

 Here’s a list of Snow Queen retellings I’ve found.
Check below for my reviews of some of them!
(Books marked with a * are either standalones
or first in series.)

Poisoned: Snow White’s Story – Mary Mecham *
A poisoned apple and true love’s first kiss were only the beginning to Snow White’s story…
Death Be Not Proud – Suzannah Rowntree
Ruby Black is the spitting image of a dead girl. And it’s going to get her killed.
Mirror, Mirror: A Twisted Tale – Jen Calonita *
What if the Evil Queen poisoned the prince?
Mirrors of Ice – Celeste Baxendell
This retelling is a mashup of both the Snow Queen and Snow White
A Dream of Ebony and White – Melanie Cellier
In this reimagining of the classic fairy tale, Snow must find her inner strength in time to fight for her throne before it’s too late.
"Schneewittchen" by Marianne Stokes
Fall trees with cozy cottage
Hunted – Kaylin Lee
Love is a battle with high stakes. Too bad I’d never been less likely to win.
The Fairest Beauty – Melanie Dickerson
Sophie has long wished to get away from her stepmother’s jealous anger—but can she trust another person to keep her safe?
The Faerie Prince – Lucy Tempest
A fugitive princess. A dark sorceress. An Unlikely Hero.
The Mirror and the Curse – J. M. Stengl
A Snow White tale for readers who love flying horses and sweet romance with a touch of mystery!
The Poisoned Prince – Kristin J. Dawson *
A royal huntsman. An illegitimate daughter. And one heart — delivered on a platter.
Closed Doors & Broken Mirrors – S. R. Nulton
Enemies or allies? What if the evil stepmother and snow white had a common goal?
Daughter of Lies – Kenley Davidson
She never needed a mirror to tell her who she was. She thought she knew…
Until an assassin made her question everything.
Poisoned Heart – Abigail Manning *
While evil builds and secrets unfold, there may be more than her heart that’s poisoned.
The Phoenix Princess – Lichelle Slater
A Snow White retelling where the princess falls for the wrong prince
Reflection – Camille Peters
Princess Rheanna’s self-esteem shattered when her former fiancé unexpectedly ended their betrothal.
Song of Ebony – Deborah Grace White *
In a city trapped in the treetops, one princess’s song will change everything
Snow White – K. M. Shea
Just when victory seems near, a poisoned apple changes everything…
Mirrors & Pearls – Lea Doue *
Once upon a time in a land of magic and dragons …
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Mirrors of Ice

Mirrors of Ice: A Snow White and Snow Queen Retelling by Celeste Baxendell (Bewitching Fairy Tales book 2) Princess Eirwen is about to die. She

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Fairest One

Fairest One: A Snow White Retelling by Kayla Eshbaugh (The Cursed Kingdom Chronicles book 3) Scarlet’s curse is beauty — everyone who looks at her

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The Poisoned Prince

The Poisoned Prince: A Snow White Retelling by Kristin J. Dawson (Once Upon a Prince book 6) She’s the illegitimate daughter of the king. He’s

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To Rival a Reflection

To Rival a Reflection: A Snow White Retelling by Selina De Luca (Shattered Tales book 10) When Snow White’s father goes missing, the only clue

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A Fairest Hope

“I want their thoughts to be of the hope I have given to them, not of what colors complement my features.”

~ S. Lee Poole, A Fairest Hope

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