Autumn Releases

As the halcyon days of Summer give way to Autumn, the crisp air is filled with scents that bring us comfort and bid us curl up with a book. And this list of fall releases will give you all the excuses you need to curl up with a hot drink, cozy blankets, and your favorite candle.

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"Another fall, another turned page..."

As the halcyon days of Summer give way to Autumn, the crisp air is filled with scents that bring us comfort and bid us curl up with a book.

And this list of fall releases will give you all the excuses you need to curl up with a hot drink, cozy blankets, and your favorite candle.

Love is a distraction when the Library is on the line.

Despite being humans living in the Fae Realm, Viola, along with her brother Sebastian, have achieved their dream to become librarians and establish their own outpost library in the Court of Islands. When an attack on their way to the outpost separates them, Viola arrives alone, not knowing if Sebastian is alive or dead.

To preserve their dream and investigate what went wrong, Viola uses a fae glamour to be both herself and her brother. She didn’t count on falling for the island’s handsome fae ruler, Lord Orsino. But he’s in love with Olivia—the same fae lady who Sebastian had been courting. Too bad everything only gets more complicated from there.

Can Viola navigate this tangled web of love to save the outpost library and find her brother? Or will an old enemy threaten not just Viola and the outpost but also the Great Library itself?

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, this standalone fae fantasy romance features fae rom-com hilarity, a girl in disguise, and a magical fae library, perfect for fans of K.M. Shea, Sylvia Mercedes, and Sarah K.L. Wilson.

Release date: September 1

The Little Mermaid meets Pygmalion…

Maribel has learned to stay quiet. As an orphan relying on the generosity of family, and with six outspoken and energetic cousins, silencing her own voice is often the easiest way to keep the peace and ensure her own acceptance.

After helping her cousin rescue Prince Frederick from a shipwreck, Maribel finds herself as the unwitting accomplice in her cousin’s plot to marry the human prince. The plan is simple: Maribel will distract Frederick’s grumpy best friend, Professor Hadrian Higsley, so that the scheming mermaid can cozy up to the prince.

Between a friendly wager over slippers, her growing attraction to a certain translator, the appearance of a foreign fiancée, and an increasingly desperate cousin, Maribel finds it harder and harder to remain a silent observer. Will she finally find the courage to speak? Or will the little mermaid choose once again to give up her voice?




Release date: September 21

She’s never going to fall in love again. He wants to do a million good things. When their fake dating begins to turn into something more, can they break her curse before they fall in love?

Princess Morrigan has been burned once by love and if that wasn’t bad enough, the whole kingdom of Moonlight knows about it. So when the son of a wealthy landowner offers his hand to draw her out of the spotlight, Morrigan can’t resist, even if it’s just a ruse to escape her situation. But Morrigan is cursed, and when her curse brings out the truth about her fake fiance, will she give love a second chance?

All Leland wants is to do good in the world by building and running hospices for old folks, and orphanages for children in need of families. His only problem? Funding. Fake dating and marrying Princess Morrigan is the perfect solution: he’s promised a handsome dowry, his parents will give him their businesses and land, and she gets away from the unwanted attention. But Princess Morrigan is cursed, and every night Leland must lock her in a tower so that nobody can get in, and she can’t get out. What seemed like a brilliant plan begins to turn into something more. But Leland has never wanted to fall in love.

Can he protect the princess from men seeking to exploit her curse, while protecting his heart?

Release date: September 28

Favian lives torn between two worlds. As a shadow elf, he serves Eldarlan as a warrior in the spymaster’s ranks. All the while, evidence of his gargoyle blood remains hidden beneath a spell. Despite this, he is content in the life he has chosen until one day, he spots his fated mate, but she is out of his reach in more ways than one. Years pass before he is offered the opportunity to actually meet her, but she isn’t who he thought she was.

Cersei has spent her life hiding in plain sight as the companion of an oligarch’s daughter. By blending in and not calling attention to herself, she has avoided the fate that took her father’s life. Then, political factions change, tensions rise, and her employer and his family are in danger. To make matters worse, the elven bodyguard they hired for protection won’t stop challenging her perceptions of those around her.

The Shadow Elf’s Mission is a light, fantasy romance novella about a romance between an elven/gargoyle and an elven/human woman. It features a fated mates romance where cultures clash when they encounter peril.

Release date: October 3

Rapunzel meets Medusa.

Ranessa Medzel always wanted to be a princess until she realized she was destined to be the villain. Born as a gorgon with unusual beauty and vibrant emerald hair, she tried her luck at impressing the king as a young child with her ability to command serpents. Everything goes well, until an accident results in a missing prized jewel, and the gorgon becomes the easiest to blame. Angering a divine ruler never ends well, and in Ranessa’s case, it has a rather blinding result…
Now cursed to blind anyone she looks at, Ranessa is forced to hide away from the world that had made her a monster. With only a tower full of snakes to keep her company, ideas of revenge serve as her only entertainment.

Prince Phillip is the son of the great divine king of the oceans, but he himself wasn’t born with magic. Eager to prove his worth as a future ruler, he sets off on a mission to rid the kingdom of the snake-wielding gorgon who plagues their people.
Ranessa is all too pleased to have the prince join her—after all, killing her former betrothed would be the revenge she’s waited her entire life for. Phillip can only prove himself by bringing back the gorgon’s head, and Ranessa can only free herself by killing the royals who forced her into solitude. Will one of them emerge victorious? Or will they both remain blind to the true villains at work?

Release date: October 26

Having finally rescued her friend, Delphine is left with a secret that could put all of Tartora at risk. Stranded on an island and with their relationship in tatters, Delphine and Nik are further than ever from finding and defeating Grey. But now they know the truth of his ability, they can’t let anything stand in the way of stopping him.

Delphine’s unique skills are their best tool for facing Grey, but they also make her a target. Nik wants to protect her, and Delphine’s heart wants to let him, but his status still stands between them. With fear and danger on every side, Delphine will need new levels of determination and courage to save both Tartora’s future and her own.

If you enjoy strong heroines, fantasy worlds, adventure, and clean romance, then try A Mage’s Apprentice, set in the same world as the completed Mage’s Influence series.

A Mage’s Apprentice reading order:
Winds of Courage
Storms of Allegiance
Tempests of Truth

Release date: October 27

Hush little lady, don’t say a word…

Sasha Bough has always been the quiet type, and that’s exactly how her family wants her to remain. When a tragic incident rocked her childhood, she was left with two options: never speak of what happened or suffer the consequences. When Sasha reaches the age of nineteen, then tension in her family rises when she still hasn’t secured a husband. It’s not always easy for the quietest person in the room to gain attention until that attention comes in unwanted ways.

When an unprompted attack interrupts the silence, Prince Alaric takes an interest in Sasha’s family and the events surrounding the trouble. Sasha knows he only wants to help, but the more he digs into her family’s past, the riskier being near him becomes. He shouldn’t be too difficult to push away, except that she may need his protection after all… After the attack, she learns that someone knows her secret and they’re willing to do anything to silence her.
If her secret is revealed, she’s as good as dead, and if she can’t find whoever is targeting her, they’ll simply kill her first. With a prince willing to help keep her safe, does she dare let him get close to her? Or is she better off staying hushed?

Content Warning:
This story contains depictions of emotional and mental abuse by parental figures, as well as implied physical abuse, and gaslighting. Overall story content still remains within a PG-13 rating (no graphic violence, overly-descriptive romance, or swearing.)

Release date: November 16

She guards mirrors. He guards goats. Both guard secrets.

In the mountains of Aeonia, Bri works as a servant in her own home to fulfill her father’s dying wish: guard the mirrors. Managing secret magic and a resentful stepfamily is hard enough, but things get much worse when a goblin attacks and a legendary warrior comes to life. Bri’s father warned her about the Society of Evangelina. Surely the woman herself is much more dangerous? But how can Bri fight a shadow warrior or goblin when she can’t even control the donkey that keeps appearing in her mirror?

In the castle, Prince Henry struggles with his royal duties and longs to return to his old life as a goat herder. But the appearance of Evangelina Shadow-Storm, conflict within her Society, and magical attacks both home and abroad make his dream of returning to the mountain increasingly impossible. Henry must first help Lina conquer an enemy that lives in the shadows, but that enemy seems determined to hide. Have they truly defeated the goblin threat? Or are the dark creatures simply biding their time and gathering strength for another attack?

While Henry works with Lina, Bri searches for a way to stop her. A royal ball provides the perfect opportunity for Bri to gather information, but what will she do when she discovers that the charming goat herder she met on the mountains is working with her enemy?

Release date: November 29

Gisela and her brother have been lost in the woods for years…that doesn’t mean they want to be found.

Gisela has had one purpose since she was seven—to protect her little brother Haiden. Abandoned by their parents, he’s vulnerable to anyone who would exploit his singing ability. If they stay hidden deep enough, they might also outrun the terrible prophecy the elf princess spoke over Haiden as a child—the one that destroyed everything.

Crown Prince Otto has little experience of the forest, but he’s determined to do a good job of the task his father set him—to save the Forest of Ilgal from the wild magic overwhelming it. Except the deeper into the forest he goes, the more he realizes how little he knows of Ilgal. The elves seem to be at the heart of the mysteries—if only he could reach them in their sequestered forest city.

When Gisela and Otto cross paths, both of their courses are changed forever. Otto finds himself drawn to the reserved forest girl, in spite of the secrets she clearly harbors. And it takes everything Gisela has to remember that however honest he might seem, the prince is the last person she should trust. Especially when dark rumors are growing and singers are disappearing. And worst of all is the fear growing in Gisela—that the chance connection with the prince will force her to choose between protecting her brother and saving her kingdom.

Release date: December 1

A secretive spy. A reluctant suitor. A sinister plot.

Margret Medallan longs to free her family from the clutches of a vile society, but cutting ties with her master would be a fatal mistake. Desperate, Margret reluctantly agrees to a fake engagement with a banished goblin prince, hoping to save her sisters from enslavement and possible death.

Kora Daemon can’t go home unless he rights the wrongs of his past and completes a dangerous, hopeless mission. But when he finds himself bound to a lovely but reluctant spy, the line between right and wrong blurs dangerously. Because now the city of Nestra balances on the edge of a knife…and one wrong move could destroy them all.

Will these lovestruck enemies put aside their differences or will they fall prey to a deadly enemy?

Subtly inspired by Twelve Dancing Princesses, Songbender is sure to enthrall if you love the twists of Caraval and the action of Throne of Glass. Grab this angsty romantic fantasy with stolen kisses, witty banter, and twisty turns.

Release date: December 7

Princess Briar of Thorn has a death curse, but she’s not worried about it.

She’d rather spend her time tending to her rose vines in the hot desert gardens of her kingdom, snooping about the castle, and spending as much time as she can with her ill mother. When her father announces they are traveling to meet the two cold Haleston princes, she is sure she wants nothing to do with the traitor prince look-alike. That is until the golden-haired prince and his reclusive ways find her more curious than ever. She can’t simply leave him alone even when he is less than receptive to her attentions. As she searches for a way to help her mother, she is drawn in more and more by Prince Gideon of Haleston and wants to see him smile—even if only once.

Prince Gideon of Haleston seems to have been cursed twice. Not only does he look like the spitting image of the traitor King Falcon himself, may he rot in the mountain. His true curse will kill whomever he falls in love with. Keeping from maidens is the only way he can protect them. Spending his days reading in the library fills him with contentment, that is until a princess with opinions, confidence, and unwavering curiosity catches his attention. Gideon knows he must keep his distance from the captivating yet irritating princess of Thorn, even if it goes against his desires. No matter how hard he tries, nothing stops his feelings that keep growing for Briar. With each passing day, he knows he will kill her if he can not control his heart. Can he break his curse? Or is it as unbreakable as he’d always been told—sealing Briars fate forever?

Will one prick from the spindle of a spinning wheel save them both? Or will it keep them apart forever?

Release date: December 7

She was destined to hunt sirens to extinction… but can she complete her mission before one of them captures her heart?

Trapped on an island nation and surrounded by bloodthirsty sirens, the starving people of Haven Harbor are losing hope. Treva, a Deaf blacksmith immune to the tempting call of the sirens lurking in the deep, steps into the perilous role of Siren Hunter. If she can rid the waters of enough sirens, her people could be free at last.

Unbeknownst to her, another creature dwells in the sea, even more ferocious than the dreaded sirens. When Treva faces the monster and loses, her life is saved by a handsome siren who has no voice. Can mortal enemies set their differences aside long enough to unite their nations? Or will Treva ignore her growing feelings and finish what she started?

Treva is certain of one thing—that the famed Siren Hunter of Haven Harbor would never fall for one of her prey.

Hunting Sirens is the second book in the Legends of Neverland series but can also be read as a stand-alone novel.

Release date: December 12

And if you’re looking for the multiauthor series that are coming out this fall, you can find them all here: https://robynsarty.com/2023-multi-author-series-releases/

Fall is the perfect weather for curling up with a good book, so I hope this list has given you some inspiration for your TBR!