The Awakened Prince

The Awakened Prince: A Sleeping Beauty Retelling by Alora Carter (Once Upon a Prince book 11) A failure of a prince. A guardian maiden. A long-ago contract destined to keep them apart. No matter how hard he tries, Killian can do nothing right in the eyes of his widowed father. In an attempt to escape

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Hunting Sirens

Hunting Sirens: A Little Mermaid Retelling by Mary Mecham (Legends of Neverland Book 2) For ten years, Treva has watched as sirens lured more and more of her countrymen to their doom until it was no longer safe to even fish from the shore. With people beginning to starve, she puts her blacksmith skills to

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To Rival a Reflection

To Rival a Reflection: A Snow White Retelling by Selina De Luca (Shattered Tales book 10) When Snow White’s father goes missing, the only clue is an enchanted mirror. A mirror that promises Snow White beauty, wealth, and a future prince. For seven years, Snow White revels in her vanity, basking in the title of

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The Silver Prince

The Silver Prince: A Twelve Dancing Princesses Retelling by Lyndsey Hall (Once Upon a Prince book 7 ) Anders is the younger son of the king of the Northern Isle. He has the distinctive blond hair of his people, and the shadow magic associated with a people who live half the year in darkness. A layover

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The Midnight Prince

The Midnight Prince: A Cinderella Retelling by Angie Grigaliunas (Once Upon a Prince book 5) Bitter, scared, and grieving, Prince Kirran doesn’t want the mantle of crown prince. But after the deaths of his three older brothers, he has no choice. Just like he has no choice but to attend the three masquerade balls and

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To Break a Silence

To Break a Silence: A Little Mermaid Retelling by Lydia Mae (Shattered Tales book 5) Stella’s first trip to the surface nearly ends in disaster. To avoid being captured by the humans, she sings, a call that has all but one of the humans jumping into the sea. The young prince nearly drowns, and Stella

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The Golden Prince

The Golden Prince: A Rapunzel Retelling by Alice Ivinya (Once Upon a Prince book 3) Prince Thomas is the golden prince, determined to live up to the expectations of the kingdom. His father, after all, was the first in a new line of kings. Being perfect is the only want to show everyone he deserves

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Callie and the Pumpkin Seed

Callie and the Pumpkin Seed: A Cinderella Retelling by Sarah Beran (Autumn Fairy Tales book 7) Save the bakery. Pay off her father’s debts. Marry the prince. Only two of those things are actually on Callie’s to-do list. Marrying the prince isn’t even on her radar. She’s too busy baking, harvesting, cleaning, cooking, and taking

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Break the Beast

Break the Beast: A Beowulf Retelling by Allison Tebo (A Classic Retold book 1) Grendel is a beast, a monster who terrorizes the land. Driven by a hellish master, she takes vengeance on those who rejected her. When the golden beast-slayer Beowulf arrives on her shores, the ages-long battle between good and evil is brought

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