The Silver Prince

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The Silver Prince: A Twelve Dancing Princesses Retelling by Lyndsey Hall (Once Upon a Prince book 7 )

Anders is the younger son of the king of the Northern Isle. He has the distinctive blond hair of his people, and the shadow magic associated with a people who live half the year in darkness. A layover on his way home from war leads to his imprisonment in the Golden Palace. He has one chance to solve the mystery surrounding the princesses, but no one wants to trust a Silver prince.

Isadora is exhausted. For months, she, her sister, and the other members of their dance troupe have been summoned in the night to dance for a mysterious sorcerer. They have no memories of what happens or why, but anyone who tries to help mysteriously disappears. When the Silver soldier offers to help, she’s torn. While she’s more than ready to be done with the curse, she doesn’t want to be beholden to a mortal enemy of her country.

Will Isadora get past her prejudice to take control of her own fate and work with Anders?

“If she wanted answers, she was going to have to get them herself.”

I love that Isadora didn’t just sit around and wait for a prince to save her. And Anders is such a sweetheart! I loved him to bits.

The legends within the world, and how each country tells them differently, were a great backdrop to the story. This was a great take on the Twelve Dancing Princesses that I really enjoyed. 

I did find the romance was a bit unbelievable as they spent hardly any time together. Long enough for feelings, but not enough to jump into marriage.

5 Stars
No swearing
No kissing
No injuries, but there is brief talk of war and battles.

(Thank you to the author for the ARC of this book. This is my honest review.)