To Rival a Reflection

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To Rival a Reflection: A Snow White Retelling by Selina De Luca (Shattered Tales book 10)

When Snow White’s father goes missing, the only clue is an enchanted mirror. A mirror that promises Snow White beauty, wealth, and a future prince.

For seven years, Snow White revels in her vanity, basking in the title of “Fairest One of All.” But when she finally admits to being lonely, everything goes horribly wrong. Her reflection – the embodiment of everything vain and self-centered about her – steps out of the mirror, and two princes seek to woo her: one kind and true, one sly and duplicitous. 

With help from her seven Dwarf friends, Snow White must defeat the mirror’s enchantment and find her true love before it’s too late.

“It was the purest antidote to the poison of a vainglorious dream – this beautiful life.”

Snow White starts off as the exact character I dislike reading – spoiled, vain, and full of herself. But as she learns and changes through the story, she grows on you.

I love how De Luca twisted this story – so many elements from the original, but presented in a whole new way.

4.5 Roses
A few kisses
No major injuries
No swearing
Mention of kidnapping, entrapment, and mind control of sorts.

(Thank you to the author for the ARC of this book. This is my honest review.)