Hunting Sirens

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Hunting Sirens: A Little Mermaid Retelling by Mary Mecham (Legends of Neverland Book 2)

For ten years, Treva has watched as sirens lured more and more of her countrymen to their doom until it was no longer safe to even fish from the shore. With people beginning to starve, she puts her blacksmith skills to work to design a weapon to finally fight back 

One siren attack proves Treva has an additional advantage: being Deaf, she’s immune to their calls.

But when she meets a siren without a voice, everything she thought she knew changes. Can Treva and Bayne work together against a common enemy? Or are humans and sirens destined to destroy each other? And will her heart be destroyed in the process?

“I may not know anything about love, but I know plenty about death.”

Oh man – where to start? This book was incredible! Treva and Bayne were sooooo good together. I loved how he made her feel feminine and cherished even when most people considered her choices of clothing and profession too masculine.

The themes of right and wrong and what is acceptable in war were hard-hitting, but so on point.
I loved the adventure part of this story as well. It reminded me of A. G. Marshall’s Fairy Tale Adventures. As always, Mecham has a major twist that will leave you reeling! (Oh, and there’s a glimpse of all the favorite characters from Becoming Hook.)

5 Roses. I devoured this one!
A few kisses. It’s clean, but there is talk of attraction.
A few injuries. There’s battles and one on-page elimination of a character, but nothing is described in any great detail.
In world swears that were honestly a lot of fun. “Eel’s eyes.”

(Thank you to the author for the ARC of this book. This is my honest review.)