Beauty and the Beast


Grimkeeper: A Beauty and the Beast retelling by Everly Haywood (Between Shade and Flame Book 2) Dagmar Fray turns up on Peregrin Blodrhys’s doorstep like a lost kitten after being rejected by her betrothed. She’s intent on finding her missing sister, but the secrets in the manor are too compelling to ignore. What is the

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To Heal a Broken Heart

To Heal a Broken Heart: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Aveline Brooke (Shattered Tales book 7) After her beau is found kissing another girl, Anelise swears off men for good. Too bad she’s forced into a rushed engagement with a man who has even less regard for fidelity. In order to protect

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The Scarred Prince

The Scarred Prince: A Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood Retelling by Erika Everest (Tales from the Kingdoms of Fable book 1) Sienna is tired of people thinking she needs a man to protect her. She wants to live her life free from fear — and be able to choose her own

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Beauty Reborn

Beauty Reborn: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling by Elizabeth Lowham Beauty has already encountered a beast – a man who knows nothing of love and takes what he wants. Even her family’s loss of fortune doesn’t put her far enough out of his reach for her to feel safe. When her father returns from

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Beasts of Beauty

Beasts of Beauty: A Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood Retelling by Celeste Baxendell (Bewitching Fairy Tales book 3) In order to save his friends Eirwen and Sterling, Chasen promised a favor to a powerful man. Now the Scholar has come to collect and he’s holding Chasen’s sisters hostage to ensure he

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