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Grimkeeper: A Beauty and the Beast retelling by Everly Haywood (Between Shade and Flame Book 2)

Dagmar Fray turns up on Peregrin Blodrhys’s doorstep like a lost kitten after being rejected by her betrothed. She’s intent on finding her missing sister, but the secrets in the manor are too compelling to ignore. What is the mysterious music that makes her want to dance? And what secrets is Peregrin refusing to divulge?

Trapped in a contract he can’t break, Peregrin wishes for a quiet life surrounded by his cats and books, but the sudden appearance of the feisty human girl offers a chance at escape. Can he trust her with the truth?

“Both kingdoms were filled with strong women — mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives — unruly girls who fought fiercely for those they loved.”

– Everly Haywood, Grimkeeper

This was an adorable story with lots of mystery. Peregrine is bookish, and shy, and so sweet, which made Dagmar the perfect counter for him.

I did find some of the events and explanations a little confusing to follow. But the world building was amazing, and I loved the character dynamics.

4.5 Stars
Some in-world swears
A couple of swoony kisses
A couple minor injuries