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Peaceweaver: A Hades and Persephone retelling by Everly Haywood (Between Shade and Flame Book 1)

As an indentured healer to the human kingdom, Persis has no choice but to follow the princess to the land of the dark elves. Her job is to heal the sickly elf prince. Her orders are to kill him. 

Haryk hates the forced arrangement as much as his future bride, but he’ll do anything to help his kingdom.

When the human princess is discovered to be part of the plot to kill Haryk, Persis suddenly finds herself taking the place of the bride in the arrangement. But can she stop herself from falling in love with Haryk when it’s clear he no longer trusts her? And will they learn how to work together before it’s too late — for them and for the kingdom?

“She’d rather die than continue to live out her days bound in silence to the whims of those who cared nothing for her.”

– Everly Haywood, Peaceweaver

I loved how strong Persis is. She’s quiet, and rather demure at first. But when she’s backed into a corner, she’s not afraid to stand up for herself, or others she believes have been wronged. I think that’s the core of this story: so many people have been forced into situations they didn’t choose, for reasons they had no control over. Standing up for the truth is the guiding light back to where they need to be.

There’s a tiny bit of a love triangle in this, in that Haryk is betrothed to someone else, albeit neither of them want to be. And unfortunately, we do get a kiss between them before the betrothal is broken.

The magic and the world are beautifully crafted, and I loved the dream world.

5 Roses
Some injuries during battle scenes. Mention of past trauma, but nothing descriptive.
A few kisses. Mention of “what comes after marriage.” Reference (incorrect usage) to “siring children.”
A couple in-world swears, and one usage of offensive insult by a villain.