Beauty and the Beast

All stories listed should be clean or sweet romances. The occasional one with fade-to-black has been noted as such. If you believe one has been included in error, please contact me!

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"I beg that you will bring me a rose."

– Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de

As Beauty faces the challenges within the enchanted castle, her courage is not derived from physical strength but from a compassionate and unwavering spirit.

Beauty and the Beast Retellings

 Here’s a list of Beauty and the Beast retellings I’ve found.
Check below for my reviews of some of them!
(Books marked with a * are either standalones
or first in series.)

Princess of Roses – A. G. Marshall
A gorgeous Beauty and the Beast retelling that is both familiar and delightfully original.
Thorn of Rose – Emily Deady
I used to be human. But now I’m a beast.
The Moonflower Dance – Lea Doue
A beastly curse. A dangerous secret. A princess with a plan.
Shadow and Thorn – Kenley Davidson
When a beautiful thief meets a beastly king, it’s anything but true love.
Unless a haunted castle can change their minds…
Beauty Reborn – Elizabeth Lowham *
Fantasy and reality collide in this retelling of “Beauty and the Beast” about a young woman’s heroic quest to save herself.
The Winter Prince – Constance Lopez *
A beastly prince. A cursed land. One last hope.
Before Beauty – Brittany Fichter *
Can the accursed prince and broken beauty move beyond their hatred for one another, not only to break the curse and save their kingdom…but to find love as well?
The Beast and the Enchantress – Camille Peters *
If there’s one thing Astrid has learned throughout her studies, it’s that magic must only be used for good.
Beauty from the Beast – Sarah Beran
He’s become a beast.
She was a sleeping beauty.
A Tale of Beauty and Beast – Melanie Cellier
 Beauty will have to use all of her strength and intelligence if she is to outwit her enemies, break a curse and find true love.
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Princess of Roses

Princess of Roses by A. G. Marshall (Book 4 of the Fairy Tale Adventure Series) A Beauty and the Beast Retelling Beauty and the Beast

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Thorn of Rose

Thorn of Rose: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling by Emily Deady (Fairy Tale Royals book 2) I loved the first book in the series

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Beasts of Beauty

Beasts of Beauty: A Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood Retelling by Celeste Baxendell (Bewitching Fairy Tales book 3) In order to

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Beauty Reborn

Beauty Reborn: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling by Elizabeth Lowham Beauty has already encountered a beast – a man who knows nothing of love

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The Scarred Prince

The Scarred Prince: A Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood Retelling by Erika Everest (Tales from the Kingdoms of Fable book 1)

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The Winter Prince

The Winter Prince: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling by Constance Lopez (Once Upon a Prince book 12) Remi’s kingdom is under a terrible curse

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Grimkeeper: A Beauty and the Beast retelling by Everly Haywood (Between Shade and Flame Book 2) Dagmar Fray turns up on Peregrin Blodrhys’s doorstep like

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A Gentle Hope

“Perhaps hope now only clung to a thin thread, but if it had not been for her, there would have been no hope at all.”

~ Sarah Carlisle, A Gentle Hope

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