The Beast and the Enchantress

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The Beast and the Enchantress: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Camille Peters (A Villain’s Ever After)

This is the first book in a series written by twelve different authors, giving villains their chance for a happily ever after.

We all know how much I love Beauty and the Beast so I was super excited to see this was the first in the series.

Astrid is in training to be the next royal enchantress while her younger sister Rosemarie yearns to befriend the haughty yet handsome Prince Gladen. After witnessing the prince treat her sister horribly, Astrid decides it’s time someone taught him a lesson. Despite the many warnings against using dark magic, Astrid casts a curse designed to take the prince down a peg or two. Unfortunately, the curse backfires and starts affecting more than the intended target. Astrid must connect with the prince to find a way to correct what she’s done. But can she get her magic back without losing her heart in the process?

I really enjoyed this sweet little story, and I loved that the main character was the enchantress as I’ve always thought her an intriguing part of the story. The romance between the couple was sweet and believable. I do wish there’d been a bit more time to see the sisters together and to learn more about them. Overall, I thought it was lovely, and I can’t wait for the next in the series!

????Four roses.
No Swearing
? Only a couple of kisses
⚔️ No blood/intense action at all.