The Snow Queen

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“She was tall and of slender figure, and of a dazzling whiteness.”

– Hans Christian Andersen

“The Snow Queen” is a beautiful tale of a young girl and her quest to find her missing friend. Written in 1844 by Hans Christian Andersen, it’s a story of friendship and trust, but most of all loyalty.

The Snow Queen Retellings

 Here’s a list of Snow Queen retellings I’ve found.
Check below for my reviews of some of them!

The Snow Queen (Refurbished Fairy Tales Book 6) – S. R. Nulton
I interviewed S. R. Nulton about her Snow Queen retelling here.
Heart of Ice (The Snow Queen Book 1) – K. M. Shea
This is the first in a Snow Queen-inspired duology
Sacrifice (The Snow Queen Book 2) – K. M. Shea
The most satisfying ending to this duology! You have to read them together!
Snowflakes (Snow Queen Short Stories) – K. M. Shea
Short stories and cut scenes from The Snow Queen duology – with sneaky ties to K. M. Shea’s main series.
Snowfield Palace: The Snow Queen invades Mansfield Park (The Austen Fairy Tales Book 4) – Kendra E Ardnek
Part of a super fun series that mingles fairy tales with Jane Austen’s classics.
A Crown of Snow and Ice: A Retelling of The Snow Queen (Beyond the Four Kingdoms Book 3) – Melanie Cellier
A princess with fire powers takes on a kingdom of snow and ice
Mirrors of Ice (Bewitching Fairy Tales Book 2) – Celeste Baxendell
This gorgeous retelling is a mashup of both the Snow Queen and Snow White
Forgotten (The Enchanted Kingdom Chronicles Book 1) – Camille Peters
The first book in a fantastic new series by a favorite fairy tale author.
Princess of Midnight: A Retelling of Cinderella (Fairytales of Folkshore Book 6)
This is mostly a Cinderella story, but it has all the Frozen vibes.
Fortress of Snow (A Dericott Tale Book 4) – Melanie Dickerson
The Snow Queen with a clear historical setting
Frozen: Conceal, Don’t Feel (A Twisted Tale) – Jen Calonita
Part of Disney’s series that asks, “What if…?” about our favorite royal siblings

Heart of Ice

Heart of Ice: A Snow Queen Retelling by K. M. Shea (The Snow Queen Book 1) Princess Rakel has lived her entire life in isolation,

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Sacrifice: A Snow Queen Retelling by K. M. Shea (The Snow Queen Book 2) Once feared and despised for her magic, Princess Rakel is now

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Mirrors of Ice

Mirrors of Ice: A Snow White and Snow Queen Retelling by Celeste Baxendell (Bewitching Fairy Tales book 2) Princess Eirwen is about to die. She

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To Capture a Beauty

To Capture a Beauty: A Snow Queen Retelling by Kimberly Pearl (Shattered Tales book 12) The pursuit of beauty can lead to ruin. Lydia delights

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