A G Marshall

Princess of Roses

Princess of Roses by A. G. Marshall (Book 4 of the Fairy Tale Adventure Series) A Beauty and the Beast Retelling Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite fairy tale, ever since I fell in love with Belle’s library as a little girl. And after reading the first three books in this series in

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Princess of Mermaids

Princess of Mermaids by A. G. Marshall (Book 3 of the Fairy Tale Adventure Series) A Little Mermaid Retelling Princess of Mermaids tells the story of another princess we first met in Princess of Shadows. These novels can all be read as stand-alones, but there’s so many delightful little connections between them that would be

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Princess of Secrets

Princess of Secrets by A. G. Marshall (Book 2 of the Fairy Tale Adventure Series, The Frog Prince retold) A Frog Prince Retelling I loved how this book picked up where the first left off. Carina captured my imagination in Princess of Shadows, so I was thrilled that Marshall chose to tell her story next.

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Princess of Shadows

Princess of Shadows by A. G. Marshall (Fairy Tale Adventures Book One) A Princess and the Pea Retelling Evengelina Shadow-Storm has been asleep a long time – much longer than she’d planned. One hundred years after she went to sleep to protect the shadow realm, the kingdom has forgotten who she was, and how her

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