The Prince and the Sea Witch

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The Prince and the Sea Witch: A Little Mermaid Retelling by A. G. Marshall (A Villain’s Ever After)

After learning the truth of why mermaids lure humans to their deaths, Briony turns her back on her people. As a social outcast and one who makes potions no less, she soon gains the reputation of a witch.

Ever the optimist, Briony hopes the little mermaid who asks for a potion is actually in love with the human prince. But as Briony spends more time among the humans, she discovers that for some the love of power is stronger than the love of another.

I adored this twist on the familiar tale. And there were some delightfully sneaky nods to the Disney version that made me giggle. Pup was definitely my favorite.

I loved the way Briony repeatedly faced difficult decisions and even though she struggled, her choices were never selfish. I love all of Marshall’s books and this one didn’t disappoint. While it was a bit shorter than some of the others in this series, it was jam-packed with depth and character growth. The story was complete, without a wasted word.

????? Five Roses.
No swearing
? Only a couple of kisses
⚔️⚔️ ⚔️ There’s a fair amount of death in this one, as the sirens lure sailors to the depths of the ocean.