To Shatter a Slipper

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To Shatter A Slipper: A Cinderella Retelling by Abigail Manning (Shattered Tales book 1)

Ever since Kirsi’s mother passed away, her father has become more and more controlling. Her only friend, Caden, is a servant her father fired and now works at the palace. At a masquerade ball, Kirsi is stuffed into a tight dress, put on display, and expected to dance with the prince.

Except the prince only has eyes for one woman. A woman who most definitely isn’t Kirsi. The woman flees at midnight, leaving behind only a glass slipper. When Kirsi somehow fits the enchanted shoe, her father leaps at the chance of forcing her to marry the prince.

If she refuses, her father threatens Caden’s livelihood, and more. But will Kirsi be able to convince the prince she’s the girl he’s pining for? Or will true love find a way?

“Everything that fell apart in my life started with this horrid glass slipper.”

Abigail Manning has written the most amazing twist on the familiar Cinderella story. I love how she brought in familiar elements yet made them new. The ball, the slipper, the fairy godmother, all had new perspectives.

I just loved this story. Well written, with impossible choices, and two swoony heroes and the sweetest friends to lovers romance. Kirsi is a strong heroine who doesn’t look to others to save her, while still being willing to accept help.

Manning also writes incredible metaphors, and I am here for it.

5 Roses. Just delightful

A few sweet kisses. No swearing. A couple minor injuries and discussion of getting rid of a character.

(Thank you to the author for the ARC of this book. This is my honest review.)