The Silent Prince

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The Silent Prince: A Little Mermaid Retelling by C. J. Brightley (Once Upon a Prince book 9 )

After saving the life of the human princess, Kaerius seeks a way to woo this charming and delicate creature. He’s handsome and irresistible, so it shouldn’t be too hard. However, life on land is much harder than anticipated. Without his voice, how can he tell Marin of his love for her? And without his usual grace and power, how can he fend off the other suitors desperate for an alliance with her kingdom?

“If he wanted to be sure of her love, he would have to show her himself, not merely the captivating beauty of his voice.”

Kearius starts off immensely unlikeable. Full of himself, knows it all, with no desire to go out of his way to do anything for others. But throughout the book, we see him slowly change and grow.

Marin is a little too perfect at times, but it makes her a good counterpoint to Kaerius.

I loved all the fun little differences between mermaid culture and human culture.

5 Roses
A few intense wounds, but nothing overly described.
A few kisses.
No swearing