The Sorcerer and the Swan Princess

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The Sorcerer and the Swan Princess: A Swan Lake Retelling by Lucy Tempest (Villain’s Ever After)

Aventina has been confirmed as crown princess of Opona. Her childhood sweetheart has reappeared. Her leg is healing – finally. If it weren’t for her jealous sister and the loss of ability to dance, life would be just about perfect.

Unfortunately, she underestimated her sister’s spite finds herself cursed as a swan by a powerful sorcerer. And no one’s noticed the difference – not even her sweetheart.

One of the biggest hurdles authors face with retelling Swan Lake is the whole “you can’t marry someone you just met” scenario. Toss in a bit of “enemies to lovers” and you’ve got a huge task on your hands. Tempest handles it beautifully. The romance between Ava and Dietrich develops so naturally that you can’t help falling in love with them too.

The story deals with several layers of betrayal, and I love how the characters respond to the pain, yet react with grace.

Such a beautiful retelling of Swan Lake. The descriptions of both flight and ballet draw you in and make you feel part of it – as though you were flying along with Ava.

It takes place within the world of Tempest’s other books, so if you love the Fairytales of Folkshore, you’ll adore this book.

????? 5 Roses.
No swearing
? ? Still only kissing, but more passionate than some of the others in this series.
⚔️⚔️ Mild blood during fight scenes, but nothing intense