Gothel and the Maiden Prince

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Gothel and the Maiden Prince: A Retelling of Rapunzel by W. R. Gingell (Villain’s Ever After)

Gothel has magic, a tower, and a princess. Unfortunately, she also has a prince problem. Lucien is only the latest in a long line of magic users intent on freeing the princess. But when locked into a battle of questions, both Lucien and Gothel find themselves more interested in each other than the prisoner of the tower.

This book touches on some difficult topics, from bullying and presumptive privilege to abuse. But I think they were handled really well, adding dimension to the story rather than being the focus of it.

The descriptions were absolutely lovely, and I adored the characters. The POV occasionally switched from close third to omnipotent. It’s probably a personal preference, but it was enough to bump me from the story momentarily.

?????4.5 Roses.
No swearing
? Only a couple of kisses
No action or fight scenes, but slight references to past abuse