Allison Tebo

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Break the Beast

Break the Beast: A Beowulf Retelling by Allison Tebo (A Classic Retold book 1) Grendel is a beast, a monster who terrorizes the land. Driven by a hellish master, she takes vengeance on those who rejected her. When the golden beast-slayer Beowulf arrives on her shores, the ages-long battle between good and evil is brought …

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The Goblin and the Dancer

The Goblin and the Dancer: A Retelling of the Steadfast Tin Soldier by Allison Tebo(A Villain’s Ever After) Grik is a goblin, a lowly janitor, who pines for the light and beauty of the Elvish city above his own. And he longs for the love of ballerina Rosanna, an elf whose grace and beauty embodies …

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