The Goblin and the Dancer

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The Goblin and the Dancer: A Retelling of the Steadfast Tin Soldier by Allison Tebo
(A Villain’s Ever After)

Grik is a goblin, a lowly janitor, who pines for the light and beauty of the Elvish city above his own. And he longs for the love of ballerina Rosanna, an elf whose grace and beauty embodies everything he is not.
When decorated soldier Paul comes along, Grik’s jealousy takes over and he sends them all into danger, deep underground.

This was such a delightful retelling, focusing on finding your inner worth. Each of the three have their own demons, their own preconceptions of what others expect of them. Grik has to look past his own sense of low worth while accepting there is more to the elves than outer beauty.

The world was expertly details, with a mood that put me immediately in mind of a Paris and a certain ill-fated Opera House. The characters are vivid and relatable in so many ways.

????? Five roses.
No swearing
? Only a couple of kisses
⚔️⚔️ There’s a few monster battles, but nothing descriptive.