Of Chivalry and Revenge

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Of Chivalry and Revenge: A Retelling of Arthurian Legends by Celeste Baxendell (Bewitching Fairy Tales book 9)

Morgana has been exiled for ten years, but now she has the chance to finish what she started and kill Arthur. Unfortunately, Lancelot’s chivalry keeps getting in the way.

Will Arthur’s trust in people win out or will Lancelot prove to Morgana that she’s worth of love?

This story was told from dual POVs, but in a different style than what I’ve seen before. Instead of alternating, we get all of Morgana’s, then jump back in time to see the same story from Lancelot. It was a bit jarring. 

The book was a bit simplistic, especially compared to Baxendell’s normally epic plots. 

Morgana had a whiplash turn from evil to almost sappy that was disappointing.

It was a fun take on the Arthurian legends, and really cool look into the history of the series world.

3.5 Roses. Just didn’t enjoy it like the rest of the series.
Injuries – some, but nothing graphic
Some kissing
No on page swearing.