The Net That Holds Me

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The Net That Holds Me: A Little Mermaid Retelling by Scarlett Luna Strange (Tales from Sandy Shore Book 1)

Sage is the only mermaid with a black tail — a feature no one can explain. But it’s her love for the human world that sets her apart from her mermaid family.

Elias escapes the pressures of being the crown prince by running to the ocean. A chance encounter with a mysterious woman has him questioning everything about his life.

When Sage takes the leap to join Elias on shore, she knows it will only be a matter of time before she’ll have to choose between him and her home forever. But will the secrets surrounding them tear them apart?

This was a really sweet retelling of the Little Mermaid. Strange pulled elements from our favorite tale while introducing new and exciting aspects. The Net That Holds Me is a short novella, and I do wish that some aspects of the story had been fleshed out a bit more as we’re left with a few unanswered questions.

A delightful romance between two starry-eyed youths, the story has themes of honesty and family. A great debut story from Strange, and I’m eager to see what she has coming next.

Four roses
No swearing
Chaste kissing
No injuries