Willow and the Harvest Moon

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Willow and the Harvest Moon: An Ugly Duckling Retelling by Kayla Eshbaugh (Autumn Fairy Tales book 5)

Willow has been shunned for as long as she can remember. Her silver hair and black eyes make the villagers hate her. She feels much more at home in the willow circle with her animal companions. Although she wouldn’t mind if Thomas were around more often.

Thomas has long proven his steadfastness as the personal knight of the Masked Prince. So why, even after all these years, can he not tell Willow that he’s loved her for as long as he’s known her?

When Thomas breaks his leg and he and Willow get lost in magically appearing woods, they must do all they can to survive… and maybe find the courage to confess their feelings to each other.

Ugly Duckling Retellings are always so cute. If you ignore the improbable medical scenario and the magical solution, this is a really cute story. Willow and Thomas are well suited to each other, and I love how Willow came to accept herself in the end, despite how cruel many people were to her.

The talking animals were adorable too. I love that Thomas got his own story, as I really enjoyed getting to know him in Glass Midnight.

Four Roses
Light descriptions of a broken leg and setting it.
No swears
A few swoony kisses. And sharing a bed (NOT “only one bed” trope.)