To Betray a King

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To Betray a King: A Frog Prince Retelling by Annette K. Larsen (Shattered Tales book 2)

Forced to flee her kingdom, Faelyn seeks refuge in a neighboring kingdom. But that safety comes with a price: if she doesn’t poison an enemy of the king, her family will pay the price.

Her target is attending a house party in the country, but she needs a way in. After retrieving something precious for another guest, Bram, she begs entry. But between her conscience and Bram’s attention, she struggles to complete her task.

Will Faelyn be able to save herself, her family, or her budding relationship with Bram?

“The power of someone you loved most trusting you, no matter what.”

This was such a great story, with the perfect fairy tale vibes even in a world without magic. I loved how Larsen wove elements of the original tale into the story. And Fae and Bram were so delightful together.

This is definitely tied into her other series, Books of Dalthia, so I’m sure fans of those books will love this one. I’m eager to dive in and read them to learn more about the characters that appear in this story.

I loved the themes, how Fae faced the most impossible choices. And I really appreciated how Bram respected her. And the twist at the end! Such great build-up to it!

5 Roses. Delightful and I can’t wait to read more by Annette K. Larsen
Threats of violence, but little actually on the page
No swearing
A couple sweet kisses