The Stepsister and the Slipper

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The Stepsister and the Slipper: A Retelling of Cinderella by Nina Clare (A Villain’s Ever After)

Lady Charlotte needs a rich husband and fast. Her stepfather died, leaving the family in serious debt. Her mother’s solution is sell off anything she can get her hands on, while her younger sister is too innocent to realize how bad the situation is.

Thankfully, Lady Charlotte is full of grace, beauty, and charm, with a line of men after her. Now if she can only get the most eligible bachelor in the kingdom to join that line.

This was a super fun take on Cinderella, with some delightful twists. The fairy godmother was so much fun, and my favourite character was Monsieur de Troye as he was the only one who refused to let Charlotte take herself too seriously.

I struggled to identify with Charlotte at times as I couldn’t figure out if she was really as shallow and vain as she seemed. The descriptions of the gowns and balls were positively magical, pulling you right into the story.

???? Four roses
No swearing
? Only a couple of kisses
No action scenes to speak of.