Princess and the Pea

To Deceive a Kingdom

To Deceive a Kingdom: A Princess and the Pea Retelling by Kathryn Radeker (Shattered Tales book 6) Ceris is one of the “tainted” fae: she’s half human, meaning her magic is watered down like so many others in the kingdom. But she has enough magic to fulfill her role as a medicinal smuggler. And to […]

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Callie and the Pumpkin Seed

Callie and the Pumpkin Seed: A Cinderella Retelling by Sarah Beran (Autumn Fairy Tales book 7) Save the bakery. Pay off her father’s debts. Marry the prince. Only two of those things are actually on Callie’s to-do list. Marrying the prince isn’t even on her radar. She’s too busy baking, harvesting, cleaning, cooking, and taking

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True Princess

True Princess: A Princess and the Pea Retelling by Kayla Eshbaugh (The Cursed Kingdom Chronicles book 1) Like most royals in the land of Terra, Elisianna was cursed at birth. She’s now known as the “Frail Princess,” bruising at the slightest touch. The only way to break her curse is for someone to love her

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Princess of Shadows

Princess of Shadows by A. G. Marshall (Fairy Tale Adventures Book One) A Princess and the Pea Retelling Evengelina Shadow-Storm has been asleep a long time – much longer than she’d planned. One hundred years after she went to sleep to protect the shadow realm, the kingdom has forgotten who she was, and how her

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