Sleeping Beauty

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“The princess shall not die, but fall into a deep sleep for a hundred years.”

– The Brothers Grimm

The beloved fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” has its roots in various folklore traditions, with Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm among the notable storytellers who brought it to life.

Sleeping Beauty Retellings

 Here’s a list of Sleeping Beauty retellings I’ve found.
Check below for my reviews of some of them!
(Books marked with a * are either standalones
or first in series.)

Veil of Winter – Melanie Dickerson
She’s hounded from every side by treacherous elements and foes, but her greatest enemy lies within.
Ten Thousand Thorns – Suzannah Rowntree
What if Sleeping Beauty was a martial artist?
Once Upon a Dream: A Twisted Tale  – Liz Braswell *
What if the sleeping beauty never woke up?
Carabosse and the Spindle Spell – Sylvia Mercedes*
Shy but magically talented, Princess Carabosse only wants to help her people as they face the looming threat of the Warlock King and his daughter, Aurora.
Dreams of Roses – Celeste Baxendell
She’ll die if she touches a rose. He turns everything he touches into gold. Together, they just might be able to save both of their countries.
Cursed – Kaylin Lee
When she was thirteen years old, Briar Rose made a terrible mistake.
The Healer’s Apprentice – Melanie Dickerson*
A realistic, fast-paced reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale full of royalty, romance, and danger.
Dreamer of Briarfell – Lucy Tempest
A cursed princess. A legendary outlaw. A literal deadline.
The Rose and the Briar – J. M. Stengl
A sleeping beauty retelling that twists everything we know about the familiar tale.
Lady of Dreams – W. R. Gingell*
To dream from a distance, or wake and risk losing it all?
Spindle – Kimberly A. Rogers
What happens when the sleeper wakes to a changed world?
The Awakened Prince – Alora Carter*
A betrothed prince. A mysterious maiden. A secret that could destroy the kingdom.
The Cursed Prince – Aya Ling
Can a handicapped mage be the unlikely hero to rescue a prince from a dreadful destiny?
The Princess Vow – Erika Everest
Princess Aurora is not going to wait for a prince to rescue her.
Spindled Slumber – Kayla Eshbaugh
Will one prick from the spindle of a spinning wheel save them both? Or will it keep them apart forever?
The Dragon Princess – Lichelle Slater*
A re-imaged Sleeping Beauty with dragons
The Princess Game – Melanie Cellier
In this reimagining of the classic fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, it’s only the princess’ mind that is asleep. And sometimes appearances can be deceiving.
Awaken – Camille Peters
Princess Reve of Malvagaria has no idea who she truly is
Kingdom of Slumber – Deborah Grace White
The only thing worse than being cursed to sleep is being the only one left awake
Sleeping Beauty – K. M. Shea
Compelling characters, sweet romance, and magical jokes
Thorns of Gold – Celeste Baxendell
She went to sleep knowing she would never wake up. He will do anything to save her.

Dreams of Roses

Dreams of Roses: A Sleeping Beauty and King Midas Retelling by Celeste Baxendell (Bewitching Fairy Tales book 7) Lady Ro has been lied to her

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Thorns of Gold

Thorns of Gold: A Sleeping Beauty and King Midas Retelling by Celeste Baxendell (Bewitching Fairy Tales book 8) Rosalia activated her curse, fully knowing the

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The Princess Vow

The Princess Vow: A Sleeping Beauty and Puss in Boots Retelling by Erika Everest (Tales from the Kingdoms of Fable book 3) Locked in Dreamworld,

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To Defy a Dream

To Defy a Dream: A Sleeping Beauty Retelling by Mary Mecham (Shattered Tales book 4) A djinni has been kidnapping the minds of people for

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The Awakened Prince

The Awakened Prince: A Sleeping Beauty Retelling by Alora Carter (Once Upon a Prince book 11) A failure of a prince. A guardian maiden. A

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