Fairytale Reviews and Rating System

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About a year ago, I started reviewing fairytale retellings on Instagram. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve had the opportunity to read some perfectly wonderful books. (You can check them out here: Instagram.com/OneLastPetal.books) Because social media is so fleeting, I’ve decided to start sharing these reviews here on my blog as well. To that end, I figured I should clarify my rating system.

Overall Ratings

Five ????? – Absolutely loved this book! I want more, and I’ll definitely be reading more by this author.
Four ???? – I enjoyed this book a lot, but it didn’t make my heart sing. I’ll probably read more by this author.
Three ??? – I liked the story, but there is something particular I didn’t enjoy.

(If a book is lower than three roses, I won’t post a public review.)

Content Ratings

I’ve adopted this system from the Clean Fantasy Romance group on Facebook. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/cleanfantasyromance)

? will be the symbol for swears 
? will be for sexual content 
⚔️ will be for violence 
0-3 Is all still considered clean. Think of this like movie ratings. You have G, PG, PG-13. 

0 – No foul language at all. (Made up insults/swears are acceptable)
1? – One “damn” in the entire story 
2?? – A few curses 
3??? – Mild cursing throughout 

0 – No kissing or innuendos 
1? – Chaste kissing 
2?? – Making out/passionate kissing (references to any body parts are vague) 
3??? – Keeping it above the sheets/fade to black scenes (still no graphic references to certain body parts)

0 – No fighting at all 
1⚔️ – No blood 
2⚔️⚔️ – Mild blood during fight scenes 
3⚔️⚔️⚔️ – Heavy action with blood during battle/fight scenes (gore is mild if included at all) 

Hopefully this will help me be more clear in my reviews so you can decide if a book is one you’d enjoy reading!