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Wishtress by Nadine Brandes

Myrthe was born with the greatest Talent of all – the ability to grant wishes with her tears. But a wayward Wish leads to Myrthe being curses. Now the next time she cries, she’ll die.

Like everyone else, Bastiaan had to travel to the Well of Talents to receive his. He’s dedicated his life to learning about the Well and how Talents work. He almost had the old king convinced that the Trials blocking the path to the Well should be removed. The new king wants to stop up the Well completely. And a rebel leader wants to control the magical waters.

All of them want a Wish from Myrthe. Will any of them care that it would kill her?

“…your past matters. It’s the ink of your story. But it doesn’t write your future.”


This quote truly sums up the hearts of the story, as each character struggles with the mistakes of their past and how to move on with their lives. Myrthe learns this lesson, as do Bastiaan and Runt.

Coralythe does not. She allows the heartache of her past to blind her and guide her choices, even when offered restitution.

The entire story is full of contrasts that highlight the analogy of Christianity. The Well is Christ, and those who accept its blessing surrender their hearts and will. In many ways, it was beautiful, but I did find the “moral of the story” a little heavy at the end.

I also felt the story suffered from too many villains. Oma was our greatest antagonist at the beginning, but halfway through, she just vanished. Myrthe’s Talent is said to be the most powerful, yet Coralythe’s Bane was just as strong, not to mention the Prince’s.

The ending could have been stronger. In some ways, it felt like it happened to Myrthe, instead of her being the agent of it.

Despite these short comings, I loved the story. The prose was beautiful and the premise was so captivating. I can’t wait to read more by Brandes.

???? 4 Roses
Made up swears
?? Talk of abuse and pregnancy caused by it
⚔️⚔️⚔️ Several bloody injuries and deaths, although not dwelt on at all.