To Destroy an Illusion

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To Destroy an Illusion: A Glass Mountain Retelling by Kendra E. Ardnek (Shattered Tales book 11)

Isobel lives in a glass castle where her every need is met automatically. But she can’t remember why she’s there… or who the strange man in her reflection is. She just knows she’s been used as a pawn for far too long.

Kieran would do anything to support his older brother, the crown prince, or to protect his kingdom. But when his brother falls for the perfectly beautiful Isobel, Kieran knows something is wrong. 

Can he break through the golden magic that surrounds her before it’s too late? or will he lose his kingdom, his brother, and the woman he loves all at once?

“A pawn can become a queen.”

This was beautifully written with a dual POV that follows two timelines. The reader learns about the past through Kieran’s eyes even as Isabel is slowly remembering in the present.

I’ve not read a “Glass Mountain” retelling before so it was fun to see the key elements of the story played out here, alongside a very sweet romance.

Five roses
Some injuries and death. One part is slightly more gruesome, but it’s not described in any detail.
A few kisses.
No swearing. 

(Thank you to the author for the ARC of this book. This is my honest review.)