Shoes of Red

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Shoes of Red: A Red Shoes Retelling by Celeste Baxendell (Bewitching Fairy Tales Short Story)

Carin is the palace dancer, a key part of the entertainment troupe for the king and queen. She loves the attention and praise that comes with being practically perfect at what she does. No way is she giving up the enchanted red shoes that make it all possible.

But the Scholar and Gothel have other ideas. They want those shoes and will stop at nothing to get them. Where does Carin draw the line between her pride and saving her own life?

And why is the shy Prince Florian always hanging around?

This was a really lovely short story about pride and vanity and what one might do in a desperate situation.

Prince Florian is adorable and her perfect contrast to Carin’s stubborn nature. This story is set fifty years before the start of the main series and gives us a preview of characters we meet later on.

5 Roses
Some kissing
Characters swear, but no words on the page
Some injuries, but no blood